Collection: Textbooks

Welcome to the Hotchkiss Store Online! Books may be purchased either in advance by ordering from this website, or in person at the School Store when students arrive on campus. To order books from this website, please follow the following steps: 
  • Choose your department (subject)
  • Choose the course
  • Select your books. Choose new or used (subject to availability) and "Add to Cart."
  • At checkout, you will choose "In Store Pickup."
  • Enter your appropriate billing information.
  • Enter both the student's name and the School's address in the ship-to address field. It is important to have the street address of the School in the address. See below:
Student's Name (First and Last Name)
The Hotchkiss School
  • If you do not see a book for your course listed on the site, this means that we have not received a book order from the instructor. The instructor will inform your student what materials will be necessary for class upon arrival. If the instructor does order a book closer to the start of the year, the book will be available for purchase in the campus store at that time. At the request of the Registrar's Office, most English classes are not published at this time; as class placement is an ongoing process.
  • Questions about course selection should be directed to Registrar Heather Mechare. Questions about the book ordering process may be directed to the School Store: